Interface Landscapes

Project Story

Twenty years ago, Tom Wilds and Dave Taylor contacted John Benson from Beyond Advisors with a vision of starting their own business. While they were highly experienced large-scale landscaping managers, to start Interface Landscapes they had 2 utes, 2 wheelbarrows, 2 shovels and Dave’s dad.

From that first meeting – Interface Landscapes was born. Beginning with small-scale B2B projects they grew quickly and continue to work with John to this day.

Challenge 1

To set up a solid new business structure that involved the melding of two family groups – their personal financial positions, managing risk profiles of different age groups eg. asset protection and risk mitigation.


Beyond Advisors’ initial involvement was establishing the new business structure and included an initial discovery session, considering QBCC financial requirements, consideration of tax minimisation by dispersion of business income and future planning for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) minimisation. The Beyond Advisors team was able to provide initial business assistance/guidance, set up a business structure and ensure our clients understood their structure.

“John’s advice and support has helped us grow our business with confidence.” – Tom Wilds, Interface Landscapes Director – Construction & Maintenance

Challenge 2

Providing ongoing strategic business advice to promote growth and diversification. To offer sound advice as the business saw steady growth and scaled up.


Beyond Advisors and Interface Landscapes met 2-3 times a year, especially in the early years, to discuss growth strategies and structures. These structures changed over time and with growth, including adding additional companies and trusts with the acquisition of a building. Beyond Advisors was able to help design the transition and funding of the business premises. Solutions over the years also included the managing of CGT, minimising tax implications, the diversification of income, asset protection and risk management. Beyond Advisors also assisted with the introduction of three minor shareholders to solidify the succession planning of the business.

 “Being able to pick up the phone and bounce ideas and concerns has been a huge benefit to us.  Knowing John is only a phone call away gives us peace of mind to make the decisions we need at a moment’s notice.” Dave Taylor, Interface Landscapes Director – Estimating

The Snapshot of Today

After a slight downturn due to Covid-19, Interface Landscapes is experiencing yet more growth. They now have 72 employees, own their own premises, nursery, equipment company and a lot more utes and wheelbarrows. IFL is still a family run business, with family values and a long standing reputation built on a strong point of difference and a traditional ‘handshake’ style of doing business. They are in frequent contact with Beyond Advisors to garner advice on growth and their overarching business to drive the business decisions they make.

Interface Landscapes now provides softscapes, hardscapes, rehabilitation and maintenance – a one stop shop of landscaping – based on integrity and passion and a phenomenal team where loyalty underpins everything they do. 

“It’s always been a pleasure working with people with integrity and commitment.” – John Benson, Beyond Advisors Director- Business & Tax Advisory

Into the Future

Beyond Advisors continues to work with IFL, in part to create more in-depth succession planning strategies to improve the potential for a smooth succession plan – having the right people, in the right roles to ensure growth. And, John is always available to provide ad hoc advice around growing the business.

In the words of the Interface Landscapes team John knows us, our business, our vision, our growth – they know where we’re going and offer supportive, seamless interaction. John can see, as we grow, what we might need. We work harmoniously together since we have the same end goals – to do well. After twenty years of working together, there’s a synergy in the relationship between Beyond Advisors and Interface Landscapes – a relationship built on personal interaction, trust and expertise

Beyond Advisors provided:

  • Business advice
  • Tax advice
  • Risk management
  • Accounting – set up with accounting software and introduced a bookkeeper
  • Funding advice/planning
  • Guidance and direction on financial matters
  • Assistance in producing/managing KPIs – debtors, stock, financial ratios and training for future internal use
  • Ongoing advice of an ad hoc nature as the business grew

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Services Provided:


“Being able to pick up the phone and bounce ideas and concerns has been a huge benefit to us. Knowing John is only a phone call away gives us peace of mind to make the decisions we need at a moment’s notice.”

Dave Taylor
Interface Landscapes

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