Client success highlights.

158 %

Revenue Increase

Earnings soared from $6.5M (2021) to $16.8M (2023).

54.9 %

Gross Profit Increase

Gross profit percentage increase from 48.8% (2021) to 54.9% (2023).

150 %

CEO Annual Leave Increase

Annual leave increased to 50 days, offering 10 weeks of leisure consistently.

125 %

Business Value Increase

Business value surged from $1.7M (2021) to $3.8M (2023).

600 K

Inherited Debt Cleared

Within 12 months we eradicated $600K of inherited tax debt.

4 Years

Tax Resolved

In 2 months we resolved 4 years of Tax returns across multiple entities.

100 %

Confidence to Execute Decisions

Surety of having an independent and objective extension of your business.

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