Project Story

Joel Nebauer was a successful businessman with a growing commercial fitout business, Xzibit. But as the business grew, it was becoming more difficult to keep up with market opportunities. With bottlenecks affecting productivity, Joel needed assistance to break through the next performance barrier.

Joel engaged the coaching and advisory services of Beyond Advisors to determine barriers to success, key drivers, and strategies for long-term growth. The result was greater visibility into his finances, streamlined structures and more efficient processes to allow him to focus on sales and business expansion.


Xzibit was a profitable company, with a strong forward order book. But for owner and operator Joel Nebauer, the company’s accelerating growth was beginning to feel unsustainable, as he was involved in every aspect of the business from sales to product development, delivery and invoicing. With a growing customer base, productivity needed to ramp up to meet demand. He needed a clear understanding of his finances but also a forecast for the future and plan to sustain long-term growth.


Joel engaged the services of Beyond Advisors to identify key issues and improve the company’s efficiency. Beyond Advisors director Michael Burke took on the role as advisor, business mentor and virtual board member. Under Michael’s guidance, Joel implemented a new reporting hierarchy to reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity by training staff to take on more day-to-day responsibilities, allowing him to focus on his passion for sales and marketing.

With this new business structure, Joel still had visibility into every aspect of the business but was relieved of time-consuming tasks that stymied productivity. Beyond Advisors also introduced forecasting models to enable data-driven decision making, such as increasing staff ratios, buying new vehicles, or expanding the business. Beyond Advisors services included:

  • Strategic business review
  • Business planning and advice
  • Forecasting and modelling
  • Performance reviews

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Services Provided:


“I love the creative and production side of our business, but the company needs me to concentrate on sales. I am passionate about what we can do and I know what we can achieve for clients, so I’m the best one for this role. Working with Beyond Advisors has given me greater insight into our business. Now we can look at scenarios for putting on extra staff or buying new vehicles and see the longer-term consequences of each decision. We can be more selective about the work we pitch and I can take on projects without worrying about the limit of our resources.”

Joel Nebauer

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